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Easy insight into your podcast statistics

You obviously want to know how successful your podcast is, we understand that. That is why we keep track of all downloads for you.

We measure the success in the number of downloads. We do this because the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has set a standard for measuring podcast. That is clear and transparent.

These downloads are all people who listen to your podcast directly or at a later time.

The IAB standard also states that we cannot include all downloads. For example, we exclude bots, and we count someone who starts the same episode several times in a row, just as 1 download.

You can view the number of downloads per podcast channel, but also per episode

Advanced statistics

We also offer Advanced statistics, for if you really want to know who is listening to your podcasts. You can see where your listeners come from, via which platforms they listen to your podcast, what devices they use etc.

You can also determine the period of the statistics yourself, so you can view the statistics per week, from the past month, etc.