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Create and publish your podcasts, simple & easy.

You take care of the audio files, we take care of the hosting, RSS feed, webpage, statistics, embeddable audio player, etc.

PodcastFeed - Podcast Hosting.

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Complies with AVG/GDPR, 100% EU 🇪🇺

All data and files are stored on servers in the EU so they are subject to EU legislation.

Unlimited Podcasts and Episodes

With us, you pay for the service, not for the number of podcasts or episodes you want to create. Let your creativity be the limit

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Insight into Your Listeners

Know who your listeners are, where they come from, where they listen, etc.

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Import Podcast

Paste your feed from another platform and press the 'import' button, it's that simple to move your podcast to us

Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google, etc

Easily publish your podcast to other platforms so people can find your podcast there too.

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Public, Hidden, or Private

With us, you can create podcasts for the general public, but also for internal use, for your school, colleagues, professional peers, etc.